Which One Should You Choose Between Sast or Sca: Know the Answer?

Undoubtedly, cyberattacks and security breaching is the modern concern. How well developers design the application, still they cannot eliminate the possibilities of production codes. You may surely notice some vulnerabilities. So, the developers have focused on the vulnerability measurements as well. Besides, they have developed automated facilities in order to give the best applications for the users. Amongst these, the two common are sast and SCA. Let’s dive into basic details at forts.

What is SCA?

Software Composition Analysis is not a new terminology in security testing. It has existed for years. The entire process helps the developers to fast and quickly track the internal glitches. So, you can call the SCA an application security process that leads to quickly tracking and resolution of vulnerabilities. So, the importance of SCA lies in the use of open-source codes. In the majority of applications, open-source codes play the major portions. SCA helps to analyze these codes to provide the most secure facilities.

Understanding the purpose of sast

Static application security testing is another excellent methodology to direct such internal effects. In such cases, this tool helps in the detailed analysis of vulnerabilities. This includes their locations, file names, line numbers, and so on. So, one can expect a holistic solution from the application sast testing methodology.

Point out the differences:

So, you are clear about the basic facts. Let’s look at some noteworthy differences between the two.

  • First, consider vulnerability detection. Here, the SCA focuses on the open-source codes, as stated earlier. So, it is only able to detect the known vulnerabilities. In contrast, the sast, focuses on the proprietary code.
  • The fixing of vulnerabilities is so easy for the sca as you know most of the vulnerabilities are open and known and fixed. So, developers can easily resolve the problem. In comparison, the remedial process o0f sast is complex.
  • You will hardly see any false positives in the case of sca testing. But the chances are high for sast testing.

So, you know the three noteworthy differences. Besides sca, iast security testing gives more integrated testing approaches.

Author: Elisa Swan