The Current 5 Best Agents in Valorant

Many agents with unique talents live in Valorant. When in the right hands, all agents are powerful. Take the abilities of each participant and put them to good use. Each agent is distinct from the others, with exceptional skills. It’s worth mentioning that an agent’s ability changes as you progress through the game.

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5 Best Valorant Agents

Best Valorant agents are:

  • Raze
  • Jett
  • Brimstone
  • Viper
  • Killjoy

Valorant Agent Raze

Raze, unlike other agents, supplements her harm with her talents. Although she can hold her own as a duelist if you use gunplay, you’ll want to use her skills to deliver damage to the other team as much as feasible. When you play Raze, you’ll be dealing with considerably more people than any other agent in the game, so take advantage of her talents whenever possible.

Valorant Agent Jett

Jett is a member of South Korea. She is one of the game’s most potent and popular agents. Jett’s equipment lets her move swiftly from one location to another, and her updraft allows her to gain an edge over the opponent.

As a result, Jett is a flexible agent that can assault while rushing on sites and resist oncoming opponent retakes with immediate placement.

Valorant Agent Brimstone

Brimstone is a Valorant agent specializing in assisting allies while also causing damage to adversaries throughout the globe. Brimstone’s use of the minimap to launch several of his abilities is unusual, making him hazardous even if he isn’t directly involved in the combat.

His direct-combat skills may enhance teammates’ rate of fire or build area-of-effect fire fields, while his smokescreens limit visibility and Orbital Strikes inflict damage over time anywhere on the map. Brimstone’s top players will have excellent map awareness, allowing them to battle on one side of the map while causing damage to foes on the other.

Valorant Agent Viper

Viper is a poisonous Valorant whose gas-emitting powers reward tactical execution. She’s good at denying entrance on defense, and she can use her gas to help push the attack.

She’s one of the most delicate spike planters in the game, thanks to her ultimate Viper’s Pit, and she can clutch out of lopsided scenarios.

Valorant Agent Killjoy

Raze, and Cypher have powers that are comparable to hers. She is endowed with several skills. One of the most recent Valorant agents disclosed is Killjoy. Like Cypher’s cages, this grenade becomes invisible and is detonated remotely.

It does a lot of damage and may kill foes extremely fast if they don’t get out of their way. The harm is done over time, like a strong molly, rather than in a burst.

These agents are unique and have extraordinary abilities. Use their skills and play the game like a pro.

Author: Elisa Swan